Thursday, September 24, 2015

Portable Outdoor and Shower Speaker by AYL - Review

This is a great little speaker. It packs quite a punch for such a small size . It is about the same size as an AppleTV (but taller). The speaker has a 10 hour battery life which I have yet to actually run down to full drain! I have been using it on and off , inside at night (on my nightstand for sleepy music), I hang it on the light outside when grilling, hang it on hooks in the shower for some sudsy jams and my wife has brought it to work several times to jam out with the Kids by the playground ( She works at a preschool) I did test out the "waterproof"(IPX5) by running it under water in the sink for a a short period of time and it's still kicking and screaming loud and proud! The speaker has a nice power on tone, connect and disconnect tone and doubles as a wireless mic/speaker for your phone ( I haven't used this feature) I like that it also shows (on iPhone ) the actual battery power left on the device and connects and disconnects really easily. If you want to share the speaker you can simply go to your settings and select the device and hit "disconnect" and then the other person and pair easily and painlessly ( at least my experience on the iPhones and iPads). I will be using this device as much as possible and love the durability and heartiness it has. A nice little feature that this has too is a standard "Screw mount" on the bottom so you could mount it to anything that has a screw mount (bike mount , helmet mount , quadcopter mount "this one could be fun " ) Here is a quick breakdown of the good and the "needs improvement" in my opinion.

Pros: Small, lightweight but not "chincy", compact, waterproof (within limits), good sound quality, has mic, super awesome 10 hour battery life! , comes in multiple colors, comes with all cables and carrying case, durable and sturdy, fun fun fun, and screw mount on bottom!!

I received this product at discount in exchange for an honest review.
Cons: Volume gets "loud" but then becomes distorted (not uncommon with most of these type of speakers so not terrible) ...really that is all i can find wrong with this... For the price , its amazing the bass and sound that this puts out!

I have had other "name brand" speakers in the past and heard some 100$ ones that don't even stack up to this! These seriously will be great stocking stuffers !

Available via Amazon for $29.99 HERE

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